New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Create PDF for Redline and Clean Documents at Check-in

You now have the option to create a PDF when you check in a document from X-Author as "With Redlines" or "Without Redlines."
A copy of the PDF is created and attached to the agreement record. For Version Aware agreements in orgs where this feature is available and enabled, the checked-in agreement document is added to Document Versions and the PDF copy is added to Notes & Attachments. For Non-Version Aware agreements, both files are added to Notes & Attachments.

Document Naming Convention for Non-Version Aware Agreements

To make tracking of documents for non-version aware agreements easier, the Template name has been added to the document filename for all documents checked in from X-Author. The naming convention for non-version aware documents has been revised to "%:Name%%action%%templatename%_%v#%" where:

  • Name – value of the "Agreement Name" field.
  • action – action taken in X-Author during check-in of the document (e.g., "Redlines").
  • templatename – name of the template chosen at document generation.
  • v# - incremented version number representing the number of times the document has been checked in.

Update Current Version

A situation may arise when you are working with a document and realize you would like to make more changes to the document but have already checked in the new version. To avoid having to check in another redlined version, you now can instead choose to "Update Current Version" from the Check-In Document screen.