The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Send for Review Enhancements

Send for Review has been added to the X-Author Contracts ribbon in Microsoft Outlook. You can now send Apttus documents directly from your email without the need to have the document open in Word.

Other X-Author Enhancements

Several additional enhancements have been made to X-Author. Clause enhancements refer to smart clauses only. All enhancements only apply to agreement documents in FX2 format:

  • Long text area fields in X-Author templates will expand from a limit of 32,768 characters to 131,072 characters.
  • Mark for Deletion: When a clause is marked for deletion, content in the document body will now be displayed as red text with a strikethrough in addition to being shown as Marked for Deletion in the Control Panel. Note: this feature will only be enabled when the agreement document is generated in the protected view, or with full access and track changes activated.
  • Mark for Deletion: Previously, you were required to right-click on the clause name in the Control Panel to mark a clause for deletion. This has now been changed to allow you to mark or unmark clauses for deletion by using the check box in the Control Panel. You can mark clauses for deletion in two situations:
    • The clause exists in the previously checked-in document: you can mark the corresponding clause for deletion from the Control Panel. When you check in the agreement and choose reconciliation, the clause is deleted from the document.
    • The clause has been inserted in the same session: A session can be defined as the time between Check Out and Check In of an agreement document. If you have accidentally inserted a clause and want to remove it from the agreement, you can mark the clause for deletion from the Control Panel. The clause is removed from the document. This enhancement replaces the previous "Remove Clause" control panel function.
  • Mark for Deletion: When the entirety of a clause is highlighted and deleted, leaving an "empty" clause field, X-Author will automatically mark the clause for deletion. The clause will be deleted from the agreement document on check-in with reconciliation.
  • UnMark for Deletion: Users can unmark a clause that has been marked for deletion by deselecting the "Mark for Deletion" check box in the Control Panel. Clauses deselected in this way will no longer be deleted on check-in with reconciliation.