New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Document Finder (Pre-FX2 and FX2)

Contract Document Versioning has been extended in Apttus Contract Management to provide a means for customers to manage agreement documents during authoring and negotiation as part of a file management solution. Contract Management users make use of the Document Finder on the agreement record to quickly search for version-aware agreement documents using predefined filters and tags. X-Author users make use of filters and tags defined at check-in to easily locate version-aware documents for check-out and redlining.
X-Author Contracts has been updated in this release to allow users to:

  • Define filters and tags for version-aware documents at check-in to group draft and final documents together for improved ease of searching and identifying document versions.
  • Search for and check out version-aware agreement documents easily based on groups defined using filters and tags at document check-in.

Template Control Panel Filters (FX2 Only)

X-Author users can now search and filter template elements displayed in the Navigation pane of the Control Panel. Template filtering makes finding Apttus fields and other elements in your FX2 format templates much easier. Using a simple text-based search, users can search for fields, clauses, tables, sections, segments and conditions which use fields as expression variables within an agreement document.

Removing Smart Fields from an Agreement (FX2 Only)

X-Author users can now use the Control Panel to remove the smart property from fields. This also now enables users to remove smart clauses containing smart fields from the body of an agreement document.