New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Template Versioning

Template administrators can now create more than one version of a template in orgs where Template Versioning is enabled. X-Author users can:

  • Create new template versions.
  • Clone an active template version to create a new template record that is also version-aware.
  • Activate a template version as it is checked in, activate an inactive template version, or check-in to update the current version of a template.
  • Publish templates with nested clauses to a new version of both agreement and clause templates while preserving nested clause versions for unpublished templates.
  • Track agreement template and clause template versions on their respective records in Salesforce.

New screens have been created for Create New Template, Check-In Template and Activate Template to accommodate Template Versioning.

Support for Rich Text Fields (FX2 Format)

Support for the use of Rich Text Area fields (RTA) has been extended beyond images. Template administrators can now choose to render RTA fields as HTML, permitted pre-formatted content stored in RTA fields in Salesforce to be used in agreement templates. At runtime, content styled using the Salesforce Rich Text Editor is rendered in the document.

Hiding Smart Elements in Agreements

Contract Managers can now control the display of content control boundaries for smart elements (clauses and fields) that a new Hide/Show Boundary action available from the X-Author Contracts ribbon in Word. Negotiators and contract managers can use this feature to restrict the view of bounded boxes when sending documents for review using X-Author.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements

Insert Dynamic Segment has been enhanced to support Document Assembly Ruleset line item components. Template administrators can now create condition expressions for dynamic segments that expand the logic provided by Document Assembly Rulesets.

Other X-Author Contracts Enhancements

The following additional enhancements have been made to X-Author:

  • The Document Format Framework (DFF) is now displayed during template Check-In, allowing template administrators to confirm the proper format (FX-2, Pre-FX2) before checking in a template.
  • Agreement content that contains one or more smart fields can now be marked as a clause. When replacing clause content with a clause from the library, users are now alerted if smart content is present in the selection and can choose to override or decline the replacement of content.
  • Clauses containing conditions that resolve when an agreement document is generated now resolve immediately when the same clause is inserted into a document.