The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Update from Salesforce (FX2)

This patch extends the Update from Salesforce functionality–previously available only for the pre-existing (Pre-FX2) format–to FX2 format agreement documents. 
Update from Salesforce is an action located in the X-Author Contracts ribbon you can use to update smart fields in your agreement document where fields have been updated in Salesforce since the document was generated.
Update from Salesforce updates all header, 2nd and 3rd level smart fields located in your document, including:

  • Smart fields in the body of the agreement document.
  • Smart fields in sections.
  • Smart fields in tables or repeating data sets. Adding a new line item in Salesforce and updating will create a new row in the table.
  • Smart fields in generated clauses.