New Feature

The following features are new in this release.

Auto Clause Insertion Using Bookmarks

Playbook has been enhanced to allow template administrators to add Word bookmarks to a template in place of inline clauses. This provides contract managers and negotiators the option to determine whether to insert a clause inline (as a single instance) or everywhere a bookmark for that clause exists in the document. This feature implements the following changes to X-Author Contracts:

  • Admins can insert clauses into a template from Playbook either as bookmarks or inline clauses.
  • Contract users can insert clauses into a generated agreement document inline or at all bookmarked locations in the document.
  • Admins and users can use Microsoft Word bookmark functionality to easily determine which bookmarks are associated with which clauses in Salesforce.
  • The Admin property APTS_AllowBookmarkInsertion is required to enable this feature.
  • The Admin properties APTS_HighlightClauseOnBookmarkInsertion and APTS_BookmarkHighlightColor allow template administrators to configure highlighting of clauses when they are inserted into a generated agreement document that contains bookmarks.

Highlighting Smart Fields

A new option has been added to the Control Panel in X-Author Contracts that allows users to highlight all smart fields in the currently open agreement document. This option can be made available and can also be enabled by default using the Admin properties specified in the User Guide.