New Feature

The following feature is new in this release.

Compare & Merge

Existing Compare functionality in X-Author Contracts is being enhanced to allow users to merge changes from previously redlined versions of an agreement document with a regenerated version of the document. The "Compare" feature in X-Author now offers a second option for merging two agreement documents at any stage in the contract negotiation process.
Using Merge, users can select a redlined document and the regenerated document and combine it. Users can accept and reject changes in the newly combined document and check the document into Salesforce when finished.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

X-Author Outlook Enhancements

Support for the following X-Author Contracts for Outlook features has been added. 

  • Default Check-In of Reviewer (Revision) Documents
    The check-in option for reviewed documents sent by email is now enabled by default. Reviewers can still disable the check box to prevent the check-in of the document. Negotiators using X-Author Contracts for Word can then check in the document on behalf of the Reviewer as a Reviewer (Revision) version.
  • Add Comments to Reviewer Documents
    You can now add comments as a reviewer to the document version details of the agreement record in Salesforce as part of the reply to Send for Review. To add comments, click the Add Comments button in the email header and enter comments. Preview your comments prior to sending the email. Comments are only recorded if you choose to check-in the document.