New Features

The following features are new in this release.

Localization of Currency, Number, Date and Percent Fields in X-Author (FX2)

X-Author Contracts now offers a solution for Template Administrators to apply configurable localization to templates. Template Administrators now can:

  • Specify the Locale when creating a new template or cloning a template, or change the locale of a template at check-in. At template creation, admins can choose the Currency Format, Date Format, and refine Number, Currency and Percent precision for the whole template.
  • Define the format for Number, Currency, Date and Percent fields using the Control Panel. Preserve the locale for fields in inserted clauses at the template level, while making specific changes to other field formats as needed. Generated documents conform to template locale except where specified at the field level.

Hide Smart Boundaries for 3rd Party Users

The Hiding Smart Elements feature introduced in May 2016 has been enhanced to give contract managers more control over the display of smart elements. The following changes have been made:

  • The new Comply System Property "Hide Content Control Borders" is now available. When checked, smart boundaries (content control borders for smart fields and clauses) are hidden in generated documents.
  • Smart elements remain automatically displayed in a generated document when a field/clause is marked. X-Author users still have the option to manually show/hide boundaries.

Template Support for Objects with No Name Field

This update provides an enhancement for authoring templates for custom objects. The following fixes are included:

  • Support has been added for the Event object. Fields from the Event object can now be used in templates.
  • Support has been added to allow fields from Objects with no "Name" field to be used in templates. This requires the configuration of an Admin Property in Comply. Refer to the Contract Management August 2016 SP1 Patch 2 Release Notes for more information.

Clause Formatting on Insert Clause (FX2)

X-Author for Contracts has introduced a new feature that allows Template Administrators to choose whether to adopt template formatting or retain clause formatting when a clause is inserted into a template. This update provides support for and works in conjunction with the February 2017 Merge Service update. The feature also allows contract negotiators to choose template or clause formatting when inserting a clause into a generated document. This feature is introduced experimentally. Refer to the Merge Service February 2017 Release Notes for more information.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancement to Update from Salesforce

This update provides enhancement for how smart fields are handled in generated documents. Each smart field will now be associated with a specific Salesforce record ID. This enhancement works with the February 2017 Merge Service update and is intended to provide a solution for enhanced 'Update from Salesforce' functionality in the latest version of X-Author for Contracts, for cases where the new agreement document has been cloned from a different record (imported as an offline agreement, amended, renewed, etc.).