New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Update Fields

Update fields are a new type of field which have content control border like smart fields but are non-editable in a generated agreement document. You can update the value of an Update field in an agreement document only using Update from CLM. Update Fields overcome the limitation that not all fields can be made smart like, the text area fields, and the lookup fields.

Comparing Agreement Documents from Two Different Agreement Records

You can now compare two agreement documents from different agreement records in X-Author Contracts. Using this feature, you can go to look up and select the documents from different agreement records, right from the Compare screen of X-Author Contracts. You can use this feature to compare two agreement records, say, last year's agreement record and new agreement record and only show the changes between the two, thus making the renewal process faster.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Enhancement to Redlining During Contract Negotiation

The redlining functionality is enhanced to show an inserted clause in an agreement document as redlined during negotiation. To view the inserted clause in the agreement as redlined, you must set the agreement protection value to Insert Clauses and Track Changes. After checking in the agreement, the newly inserted clause shows up as redlined in the document. Thus, you don't miss a new clause during negotiation and reconciliation.

Enhancement to Reconciliation

Reconciliation is enhanced to support inline track changes comments. If you have set the value of Show Markup setting to Balloons> Show All Revisions Inline, you can still validate the field values in your agreement and perform reconciliation. X-Author Contracts changes the inline comments to balloon comments during check-in and once the reconciliation is finished, it reverts the comments to inline. This enhancement overcomes Microsoft Word's limitation to keep the track changes as balloon comments only, to perform reconciliation.

Enhancement to Clauses Inserted as Bookmarks

When you insert a clause as a bookmark in an agreement document, it will create an entry for that clause in the Agreement Clauses related list in Contract Management on Salesforce.

Language Translation (Deprecated)

The Spring 2018 release of X-Author Contracts is ending the support for language translation in X-Author Contracts. From X-Author Contracts version 9.1.0430 and later, you will no longer be able to use the Translate feature for your templates or agreements. Going forward, for translation services, please use Microsoft Word's built-in Translate feature.