New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Deleting Smart Elements Using Delete Key or Backspace Key

You can now use the Backspace or Delete key to delete clauses, fields, nested clauses, smart clauses and smart fields from an agreement document. Clauses or fields deleted from the document are recorded in the reconciliation screen as deleted. This feature improves the usability experience of X-Author Contracts. To delete the smart elements you must configure the custom setting, UnlockSmartElements, in Contract Management Comply System Properties.

Syncing Clause Edits in Smart Clauses

If you have multiple occurrences of a smart clause in your document, you may make changes to one instance and forget to make similar changes in the other clauses. X-Author Contracts can now alert you if the clause content of your smart clause is not in sync across all its occurrences within a document. When you make changes to one instance of a clause and leave the other clause instances unchanged and then check-in your document, you will see a validation message reminding you that your clause content is not updated for all the instances of that clause. You thus have the flexibility to either update all the clause instances with similar edits or continue with check-in without changing the clause.