New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Show/Hide Contracts and Templates Tab Based on Action Permission

You can selectively show or hide the X-Author Contracts or Templates tab in the X-Author Contracts application based on user roles. You can configure action permissions in Contract Management and associate it with the user roles to limit access to the tabs, thus ensuring that users can only access the actions or features that are permitted for their respective roles. The two new action permissions are:

  • XA_Contracts associated with the agreement object (for X-Author Contracts tab), and
  • XA_Templates associated with the template object (for X-Author Templates tab)

You , the system administrator, can set the permissions as:


XA_Contracts Action Permission

XA_Templates Action Permission

Tabs Accessible in X-Author Contracts

User 1



Both, X-Author Contracts and X-Author Templates tab

User 2



Only X-Author Contracts tab

User 3



Only X-Author Templates tab

User 4




You must assign at least one action permission to the user for either of the tabs, otherwise, the user will be automatically logged out and a message will be displayed that the user has insufficient privileges.

Insert Clause as Text

You can now insert a clause as plain text in a generated document. With this feature, you can track the insertion of a clause as text. An entry is created in the clause list for the agreement record during check-in. When you insert a clause as plain text into a generated document, after the check-in you will see a record for the inserted clause with "Inserted as text" action in the agreement clause list.
Also when you insert a clause as plain text into a smart clause in the generated agreement, the smart clause is marked as modified and the plain text clause is recorded as "Inserted as text".

Intelligent Import

You can use the Intelligent Import feature to start a contract with a third-party paper instead of your own paper. If you are already a Contract Management (CLM) user, you can use the Intelligent Import feature to automatically scan the third party paper.
You can then review the import result when you send a third party document for intelligent import. After the intelligent data extraction server finishes the import, you can click Review Import Result to view and edit the value of the automatically mapped fields and clauses recognized by the intelligent import server. The Review Import Result pane will show two tabs respectively for automatically mapped fields and clauses. You can drag and drop other clauses from the document to add clauses in the document.

Removal of Content Control from Nested Clause

X-Author Contracts has been enhanced to remove nested clause content controls. Now, when you insert a clause into a generated agreement from the playbook that has a nested clause, the system treats the main clause as a master clause. The nesting is removed and insert the clause with only a single content control.