New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Creating a New Template

X-Author Contracts February 2015 allows the new FX2 format to be used for all types of fields. X-Author Contracts February 2015 also continues to provide the ability to create a New Template using the existing Template format.

Inserting Fields into a Template

You can insert fields into new and existing Templates with the FX2 format in X-Author Contracts in February 2015. You can use the Insert Fields button to insert both fields and then make them smart fields.

Making a Segment

In X-Author Contracts February 2015, the Make Segment button enables you to add conditional logic to the display of fields, sections, and tables. It also enables you to use Dynamic Document Assembly rules and rulesets.

Expression Builder

X-Author Contracts February 2015 includes a very robust Express Builder that you can use to define and build powerful expressions and expression condition rows, enabling conditional rendering or display of content in generated Agreements. The Expression Builder is fully integrated with the objects and fields in your Salesforce org.

Template Control Panel

Brand new in X-Author Contracts February 2015 is a Control Panel that can be accessed within the X-Author Templates ribbon tab. The Control Panel is a new feature in X-Author Contracts February 2015 that enables you to view all the fields, clauses, and sections within an FX2 Template.

Checking In a Template

After creating a new Template or updating an existing Template, the Check-in action has been updated with a new Check-in Template dialog box.

Publish and Auto Publish Templates from X-Author Templates

In X-Author Contracts February 2015, you can manually Publish and Auto Publish one or more FX2 Templates from within the X-Author Templates ribbon tab. Publishing templates improves document generation performance by taking referenced clauses in a template and 'publishing' them before the template is used to generate a document.

Cloning a Template

The cloning action now has a new Clone Template dialog box. After clicking on Clone, the file name of the Template will default to the cloned original name with the Copy extension.
For example, a cloned or original Template named Acme - MSA Template for Single Product Subscription will receive the default name Acme - MSA Template for Single Product Subscription Copy. This extension can be changed.

Playbook in the X-Author Templates Ribbon Tab

X-Author Contracts February 2015 includes a minor update to the use of the Playbook for Templates. If you have a Template open in X-Author Templates and then click on Playbook, you can search for a clause to be
inserted into that Template.

X-Author Contracts Control Panel

Brand new in X-Author Contracts February 2015 is the Control Panel, a feature that makes it possible for you to view all the fields, sections, and tables in an Agreement document that uses the new FX2 format. The Control Panel lists all smart fields in the order they appear in the document.

Tagging Smart Fields in an Agreement Document

X-Author Contracts February 2015 provides you with the ability to Tag Smart Fields, making your documents smarter. Smart Fields link directly to fields in your Salesforce org if tagged correctly.

Marking a Clause in an Agreement Document

Mark Clause is available for Agreement documents generated from FX2 Templates. This is like the Insert Section feature in the existing format framework.

Validating Fields

Validate Fields enables the user to ensure that inserted fields are legitimate. The validation is for proper data type values in the field (date, number, etc.) and valid selected values from picklists, multi-picklists, etc. Validate Fields is only available for FX2 formatted Agreement documents.

Checking In an Agreement Document

Checking in an Agreement document enables a user to perform several tasks depending on certain situations. X-Author Contracts February 2015 enables you to utilize the new FX2 format for your Agreement document processes. The check-in process hasn't changed much from the existing X-Author Contracts format, but there is now an option to check-in Agreement documents with data related to which format of X-Author Contracts you desire (existing or FX2).