Release Added/ModifiedFeature
2102 (Summer '21)

Re-marking the extracted fields

Deleting the extracted fields

Enhancements to User Interface

Opening Templates in the same instance

Renaming the Playbook to Clause Library

Ability to view all Conditions added to Segments and Clauses

Ability to view field type in Insert Field pop-up window

2101 (Spring '21)

Install X-Author for Contracts Add-in using Microsoft AppSource

Ability to Create Alternate Clause

Ability to Clone Alternate Clause

Ability to Refresh Intelligent Discovery Status

Review Doc Fields after Intelligent Discovery

Enhanced Intelligent Discovery Data Processing 

Version Winter20.01.15

Renamed Intelligent Import

Ability to Dynamically Display Hide or Show Smart Boundary Menu

Version Winter20.11.13

Duration Optimization for Success and Informal Message

2003 (Winter '20)

Introducing X-Author for Contracts for Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce)

2002 (Summer '20)

Windows OS Certification

Support for Centralized Deployment

Intelligent Import

Template Versioning

Support for Read-Only Clauses

Ability to make Columns and Rows Conditional in a Table

Introduced new fields in Create New Template

Updates to Playbook

Updates to Promoting Clauses to Playbook

2001 (Spring '20)Support for Office 365
1903 (Winter ’19)Template Localization
Custom Locale in Templates
Customize Save Options
Send Offline Agreements for Parallel Review
Track Document Review Status
Ability to Search Fields in Insert Field Popup
Clause Action in Agreement Related List
UI Enhancements
Updates to Clause
1902 (Summer ’19)Working with Files
Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review
Restricting Agreement Document Check-In and Check Out
Unlocking Read-Only Clauses
Comparing and Merging Agreement Documents
1901 (Spring ‘19)Set Style and Condition for Segments
Insert Fields in a Template as a Table or a Section
Show or Hide Smart Boundaries
Preview Reconciliation 
1803 (Winter ‘18)Number of Agreements Displayed on Login
Ability to Refresh Clauses in a Template During Editing
Ability to Hide Contracts and Templates Tabs
Ability to Mark a Field as Read Only in a Template
1802.0.1 (Summer ‘18)

UI Enhancements

  • Improved Search
  • Enhanced Post Check-in Message
Enhanced Document Versioning
Enhanced Clause Status Tracking
Auto Enable Reconciliation
Insert Inline Clauses from Playbook
Promote Clause
Delete Smart Elements Using Backspace Key or Delete Key
Set Conditional Segments in Templates
Template Expression Builder
1801.5 (Spring ’18 Minor Release)

Managing Templates:

  • Creating Templates
  • Opening Templates
  • Checking in Templates
  • Inserting Clauses into a Template
  • Inserting Fields in a Template
  • Cloning Templates
Track Changes to Smart Field
1801 (Spring ‘18)New UI
Import Offline Agreement
Create Offline Agreement
Force Reconciliation
Show Latest Version of Contract Document Using Action Permissions
Auto Enable PDF Selection and PDF Selection Override
Auto Check-Out
Updatable Fields
Unprotect Documents
Lock/ Unlock an Agreement Document
Document Security
Connection Manager
1703 (Winter ‘17)

Manage Templates (Salesforce BETA)

  • Creating Templates
  • Checking Out Templates
  • Checking in Templates
  • Inserting Clauses and Fields
1.0 (Summer ‘17)

Manage Templates (Salesforce BETA)

  • Check-In Templates
  • Check Out Templates
Manage Agreements
1.0.0324 (Mar ‘16)X-Author Console Enhancements
Import Offline Agreements
1.0.0225 (Feb ‘16)Reconcile document fields with Salesforce record
Comment on documents (View, Add, Modify, Delete, Reply)
Mark fields and clauses in 3rd party documents for easier change tracking
Access Playbook to insert pre-approved clauses during negotiation
Validate smart fields to ensure data integrity
Accept / Reject changes to smart fields, smart clauses and document text
Check-in / Check-out documents