New Features

Following is the new feature introduced in this release:

Apttus X-Author Contracts for Cloud is an application that provides redlining and reconciliation capabilities to non-PC users. The following functions are available via X-Author Contracts for Mac:

  1. Check-in / Check-out documents
  2. Accept / Reject changes to smart fields, smart clauses, and document text
  3. Validate smart fields to ensure data integrity
  4. Access Playbook to insert pre-approved clauses during a negotiation
  5. Mark fields and clauses in 3rd party documents for easier change tracking
  6. Comment on documents (View, Add, Modify, Delete, Reply)
  7. Reconcile document fields with Salesforce record

Apttus X-Author Contracts for Mac stores the contract document in .docx format making it completely compatible with Microsoft Word.