New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Template Expression Builder

You can show content conditionally in your document using the expression builder. You can write a conditional expression using the expression builder and expression is evaluated to include or exclude the conditional content in your generated agreement. This expression builder can be used with clauses, tables, and segments. It is a robust expression builder that you can use to define and build powerful expressions and expression condition rows, enabling conditional rendering or display of content in generated Agreements.

Set Conditional Segments in Templates

You can now set a block of text as a conditional segment in your template. Based on the outcome of the condition, the selected segment would be selectively shown in your generated agreement document. For setting the conditions you can leverage X-Author Contract's robust expression builder.

Delete Smart Elements Using Backspace Key or Delete Key

You can now use the Backspace or Delete key to delete clauses, fields, nested clauses, smart clauses and smart fields from an agreement document. Clauses or fields deleted from the document are recorded in the reconciliation screen as deleted. This feature improves the usability experience of X-Author Contracts.

Promote Clause

You can now promote marked clauses in an agreement to make them a part of the Playbook clause repository. The promoted clauses can be reused in that same agreement after regenerating the document and can also be used across other templates and agreements.

Auto Enable Reconciliation

You can use forced reconciliation to ensure that changes made to a document are not missed during the negotiation phase. To enable force reconciliation, you must use a new Comply System Property available in Contract Management, AutoEnableReconciliation and set the value of this setting to True. By default, the value of this property is set to False and you can select or clear the Reconcile option during Check-in. There is another Comply System Property, AllowReconciliationSelectionOverride to override forced reconciliation.

TrueTrueReconcile checkbox is selected by default and you can clear it.
TrueFalseReconcile checkbox is selected by default but you cannot clear it.


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

Enhanced Clause Status Tracking

Clause tracking is enhanced to provide Action status corresponding to the clause when you take actions on the clause. Following action statuses are added to the existing statuses:

  • When you check out the generated agreement document for the first time, the action status of the smart clauses in the document is recorded as Original.
  • When you check in an agreement document as final, the action status of the smart clauses in the document is recorded as Final.

Enhanced Document Versioning

This release of X-Author introduces an enhancement to document versioning in Contract Management and X-Author for Contracts which allows you (administrator) to set the version increment—either major or minor, for each check-in option of X-Author Contracts. This enhancement gives you the flexibility to set the version increment to match your organization's process flow.
X-Author uses a custom setting in Contract Management, Document Version Properties to give you more control on how document versions are updated for your agreement documents. Using these settings you can configure whether a document's major or minor version number is updated when the document is checked in from X-Author Contracts with various options like check-in with redlines, check-in without redlines, or check-in as final.

UI Enhancements

  • Enhanced Post Check-in Message: To improve the end-user experience, the post-check-in success message is now enhanced to include more details. This enhanced message provides better guidance about the next possible step to take after checking in a document in X-Author Contracts and reminds you that you may need to go the Contract Management application for further action.
  • Improved Search: You can use the enhanced search feature to search an agreement by its full name, partial name, and agreement ID. This enhancement makes searching faster.