New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Windows OS Certification

X-Author for Contracts 2.0 is now certified for Windows operating system. All features of X-Author for Contracts 2.0 are supported for Windows operating system.

Support for Centralized Deployment

This feature allows Office 365 administrator to install the X-Author for Contracts 2.0 add-in using centralized deployment via the Office 365 admin center. The Office 365 administrator can deploy the X-Author for Contracts 2.0 add-in and assign the add-in directly to a user, to multiple users via a group, or to everyone in their organization. After the X-Author for Contracts 2.0 add-in is deployed by the Office 365 administrator, any user with add-in installation privileges can directly insert the add-in in their Microsoft Word. 

Intelligent Import

You can use the Intelligent Import feature to scan and automatically extract key data from third-party contract documents. Intelligent Import recognizes and maps important metadata and clauses from the third-party contract document to Contract Management. After the Intelligent Import has performed the data extraction successfully, you can review the import result. You can see the fields and clauses recognized from the document in X-Author Contracts. You can also mark or unmark the fields or clauses in the document.

Template Versioning

Template Versioning provides a solution framework of document versioning at the template level to track template versions against generated documents. You can use template versioning to track and manage every version of your template throughout its lifecycle. You can activate any specific version of a template and observe how the template looked at every stage in the authoring process. You can perform the following actions when template versioning is enabled in your org:

  • Create new template versions
  • Open template versions
  • Lock and unlock template versions
  • Check-in template versions
  • Clone template versions

Support for Read-Only Clauses 

You can now make clauses read-only to prevent users from editing the clause content. When you enable the read-only attribute for a clause in a template, that clause becomes uneditable in the generated document.

Ability to make Columns and Rows Conditional in a Table

This feature allows you to make any or all of the rows and columns in a table as conditional. While creating a template, you can define various condition expressions on rows and columns of a table. These condition expressions are evaluated to include or exclude the rows and columns.


Following are the enhancements introduced in this release:

Introduced new fields in Create New Template

In this release, the following fields are introduced in the create new template pane:

  • Name
  • Agreement Type
  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Language
  • Keywords
  • Next Revision Date
  • Description
  • Guidance

Updates to Playbook

You can access the non-versioned clause templates from Playbook after Template Versioning is enabled in your org. The system automatically assigns the existing non-versioned clause templates as version 1.00 when you perform the following actions: 

  • Select the clause template
  • Mark
  • Insert
  • Insert Smart

Updates to Promoting Clauses to Playbook

When Template Versioning is enabled and you promote a clause to Playbook, the system automatically creates an active version of the clause template.