Offline Agreements can be created directly in X-Author Contracts, by taking a pre-existing Microsoft Word document that was created outside of CRM and has not previously been associated with an Agreement and checking it in. When you have a document open in Microsoft Word and you can create a new agreement record by checking it in as an offline agreement.

To create an offline agreement

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word and connect to X-Author Contracts.
  2. Select the X-Author Contracts option from the left-hand menu and go to Start > Create. The Create New Offline Agreement page is displayed.
  3. In the Create New Offline Agreement window, enter the following details (fields marked with an asterisk are required):

    Record Type*Select the Record Type from the picklist.
    Name*Enter the agreement name.
    Account*Enter the Account name.
    Contact*Enter the Contact details.
    Start DateSelect the start date of the agreement from the date picker.
    End DateSelect the end date of the agreement from the date picker.
  4. Click Save. You will see a confirmation message.

A new agreement record is created in Contract Management. If the Enable Document Versioning comply system property is enabled in Contract Management, the new agreement is available in Document Versions. If the Enable Document Versioning comply system property is not enabled and the Enable File comply system property is enabled, the new agreement is available as a type-file in the Notes & Attachments. You can also send the offline agreement for review when the Parallel review comply system property is enabled. For more information, see Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review.