You can use condition-based clauses in your template to make more customized and flexible agreement templates. The condition for the condition-based clauses can be simple or complex expressions that you can make using the expression builder. The clause conditions are evaluated at the time of agreement generation and the clause text is included in the generated document only if the associated condition resolves to True.

To add a condition to a clause

  1. Open the template in X-Author Contracts.
  2. Log in to X-Author Contracts and from the left-hand navigation select X-Author Templates.
  3. In the X-Author Templates pane, go to Work > Template Clauses.
  4. The Template Clauses pane lists all the clauses present in your template. Select a clause from the list and click the gear icon  next to the clause name.
  5. In the Properties pane, click Add Condition to open the template expression builder.
  6. Create your condition expression in the Make Conditional page and click Add. For more information on how to create simple and complex condition expressions, refer to the Template Expression Builder section.
  7. Click Ok to save the condition. The properties page now shows the condition that you created.

Your clause is made conditional and you will see a success message.