You can insert fields as a table in your template and the inserted table is added as a repeat table. When the template with a repeat table is used to generate an agreement, the repeat table of a header row with inserted fields and their values in the preceding rows. 

  1. Open a template in X-Author Contracts.
  2. From the left navigation pane, select X-Author Templates.
  3. Go to the Work tab.
  4. Place the cursor in the section of the template text, where you want to insert a field and click Insert New Fields.
    This displays the Insert Fields window.
  5. From the left column select a line item object, such as Agreement Line Items
  6. In the window to the right, hold command and select one or more fields from the list. Each field you select is displayed in a column in the table. 

    Fields are inserted as columns in the table based on the order you select. Do not move your cursor when the fields are being inserted.

  7. Select the checkbox Insert as a table.
  8. Click Insert. A Repeat table is inserted into your template with each field displayed as a separate column.
  9. To search inserted fields:
    1. Navigate to the Template Fields tab. This displays the Repeat Table (object name) and the fields in the repeat table.
    2. Enter the field name in the search field and click the search icon ().
  10. To make an inserted field smart field or readonly:
    1. Click the gear icon () adjacent to the selected field name to open the Properties page.
    2. In the attributes list, turn on the Smart Field or Readonly switch based on your requirement and click Ok.
  11. To show or hide captions for a generated table:

    1. Click the gear icon () adjacent to the Repeat Table.

    2. In the Table Attributes section, turn on the Show Caption switch.
  12. To select table formatting when no data is present:
    1. Under the Table Display Attributes, click Format. This displays a drop-down menu. Select one of the following options based on your requirement.
      1. To show table captions and one empty row, select Show captions and one empty row.
      2. To show captions only and no rows, select Show captions only.
      3. To remove the entire table from the generated document, select Remove whole table.
    2. Click Ok.
  13. To make columns and rows conditional, see Making Columns and Rows Conditional in a Table.