The Read Only fields are the fields with content control border and their values can be updated after document generation only using Update from CLM. These fields are different from smart fields and merge fields in that they are not inline like merge fields and their values cannot be edited like smart fields.

If you have generated an agreement document using a template containing the read-only fields and later want to update the values of the field without generating or regenerating another document, you can click Update from CLM and the values of the read-only fields will be updated from the Contract Management agreement record. This is useful when you need to use the same agreement as a baseline document for creating another agreement with the same content but for a different agreement record. All the fields which are not marked as smart but need to be updated with the values from the new agreement record can be made read-only fields.

Read Only fields have the following characteristics:

  • Any field can be made a read-only field or smart field but not both.
  • Read-only fields can only be defined in a template.
  • The value of the read-only fields cannot be edited in the generated agreement document and can only be updated.
  • Read Only fields show a content control boundary in the generated agreement documents.
  • Fields in clauses, repeat table, and repeat section can also be marked as Readonly.

To mark a field read-only

  1. Insert the field into your template by following the steps in Inserting Fields into a Template.
  2. From the X-Author Templates pane, go to Work tab > Template Fields. If you cannot see the Template Fields tab, click more icon (and select Template Fields.
  3. The Template Fields page shows the list of all the fields present in your template. Search for and click the field name in the list to highlight it in the document.
  4. Click the gear icon  adjacent to the selected field name to open the Properties page.
  5. In the attributes list, turn on the ReadonlyField switch and click Ok.
    Your field is marked as read-only.