When you open a template in X-Author Templates, the template is locked to prevent others from editing the document and checking in a new version while you are working on it. When you open a template it is automatically locked, which is indicated by the lock icon being closed . You can always check the lock status of a template by clicking the Lock Status icon. This opens the Lock Status page with the following information:

  • Template Name 
  • Template Version
  • Template locked by
  • Locked Date

To release a template lock

  1. From X-Author Templates pane, click the Lock Status icon.
  2. Click Release Lock

After you release the lock, the icon changes to open . The template page refreshes and shows the Start tab of X-Author Templates. You cannot access the Work and Finish tabs of X-Author Templates after releasing the lock. When you click the Lock Status icon, the Acquire Lock button replaces the Release Lock button on the Lock Status page. 

If you released a template lock by mistake and want to continue working with the template, go to the Lock Status page and click Acquire Lock.