This page contains instructions for opening templates when Template Versioning is enabled. For instructions on opening templates without versioning, see Opening Templates in this guide.

Using X-Author Templates, you can open any template version from the repository and make changes to static text and other content in the document. When the document is finalized, you can check in the template and modify properties as needed (for example, you can change which agreement types it is associated with). As with contracts, when you check out a template a lock is put on the document, preventing other users from editing it while you are working on it. After you release the lock or check in the template, the lock is released. Note that the lock only prevents other users from checking out the version you are working on, not every version of the template. For more information about locking and unlocking templates, see Locking and Unlocking Templates

To open a template version

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the X-Author Contracts add-in.

  2. Log in to X-Author Contracts.

  3. From X-Author Contracts pane, click the left-hand menu icon  and select X-Author Templates.

  4. In the X-Author Templates pane, go to Start tab > Search > Search Templates.

  5. Use the Search box to search for a template by keyword. Click the filter icon  to expose drop-down menus that can help you to refine your search according to Template Type, Category, Subcategory, Locale, and Language.

  6. Click the Search icon  to display a list of templates that match your criteria. 
  7. From the list of templates, click the down arrow  for a template to expand and view Type, Business Object, Is Active flag, and Active Version of the template. Active Version is not displayed if the template is not active.

  8. In the expanded description, click Versions to view a list of all versions of the template.
  9. Select a template version to view the comments saved for that template version. 
  10. To open a template version, click the icon  and click Open. Your document is downloaded. 

  11. Check your Downloads folder for the file and open it in Microsoft Word.

Your template is opened. You can modify the template as per your requirement and check in your template.

Opening Templates with No Versions

You will likely have many templates in your org that were created before enabling Template Versioning. In this case, these templates will not have a template version. After Template Versioning is enabled, the first time you expand or select a non-versioned existing template, the system automatically creates an initial template version (1.00). You can open the newly created template version.