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Adobe Sign Services Logo

Adobe Sign Services

Learn to manage the eSignature process using Adobe Sign connector.

CLM Logo


Explore how you can standardize, streamline, and automate your contract lifecycle management process.

CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) Logo

CLM (Contracts for Salesforce)

Streamline and accelerate contract negotiations. Send contracts directly from Salesforce, compare versions and keep a complete contract history.

Conga Contracts Logo

Conga Contracts

Explore administrative tasks, security measures, and integrations that customize Contracts for program users.

Conga for Google Docs Logo

Conga for Google Docs

Conga for Google Docs streamlines the contracting and negotiation process by allowing you to work directly in Google Docs and syncs Conga CLM for Salesforce.

Contract Intelligence (Standalone) Logo

Contract Intelligence (Standalone)

Use augmented artificial intelligence to parse and manage your contracts and supporting documents.

Contract Intelligence Logo

Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence is your intelligent assistant, reviewing contracts and third-party paper at the push of a button.

Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector Logo

Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector

Learn to use the Conga-Dynamics 365 connector application to configure and schedule syncing of master and transactional data between Conga and Dynamics 365.

Conga Quote-to-Cash for Dynamics 365 Logo

Conga Quote-to-Cash for Dynamics 365

Enable your sales users, partner sales, customer service representatives, and any other customers who want to manage Conga quote functionality from their Dynamics environment.

eSignature Integration with Conga Platform Logo

eSignature Integration with Conga Platform

Learn to integrate Conga Sign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign with the Conga Platform to send documents for eSignature.

DocuSign Services Logo

DocuSign Services

Learn to manage the eSignature process using DocuSign connector.

Max Logo


Learn to converse with Max, an intelligent virtual assistant, to manage your middle-office workflows.

Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) Logo

Online Contract Collaboration (OCC)

Explore how to share your agreement documents with your team and customers to collaborate online.

Smart Search Logo

Smart Search

Smart Search enables you to search your Salesforce org to return opportunities, agreements, and documents.

X-Author for Contracts Logo

X-Author for Contracts

Use the latest X-Author for Contracts features to create and maintain contracts and templates within Microsoft Word. This version has an all-new smart, intuitive User Interface that now works on both Mac OS and Windows and uses Push Upgrade technology to update to the latest version.

X-Author for Contracts 1.0 (Classic) Logo

X-Author for Contracts 1.0 (Classic)

Create contracts and templates, maintain and streamline the entire contract lifecycle within Microsoft Word.

X-Author for Excel Logo

X-Author for Excel

Keep CRM records accurate and up-to-date by leveraging Microsoft Excel for data operations.

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