The Conga Automation early feedback program feature enables the system administrators to run the Golden Test Suite against the registered orgs using Conga Automation Dashboard. The Golden Test Suite comprises pre-defined test cases (including out-of-the-box API-based tests), and they run once on the registered org before and after the upgrade. 

Navigating to the Conga Automation Platform Dashboard

For new registration:

  1. Launch Conga Upgrade Program's registration page. You are redirected to the Conga Upgrade Program's welcome page.

  2. Click Submit. A notification is displayed, "User preference Saved," and an Early Feedback pop-up window is displayed.

  3. Click Try Now. A Conga Automation Platform page is displayed. 

  4. Enter the recipient's email and Organization Name.
  5. Click Trigger Welcome Email. A notification is displayed stating, "Successfully triggered the welcome email." All the recipients will receive a welcome email from 'Conga Notification Services.' 

Working with Conga Automation Platform Dashboard

  1. Click the hamburger menu () icon or click the navigation arrow () available on the left side of the page to navigate to the other sections.
  2. Click the Test Lab to view the pre-defined tests conducted on the registered org as part of the early feedback program. The List of Tests pop-up window displays where the tests are categorized by product. 
  3. Click the product name to change the product and the tests performed in the early feedback program. 
  4. Click the navigation arrows available at the bottom of the page to view test cases performed for each task.