You can choose to display the sender's name in the From field when Approval emails are sent. These emails can also indicate whether the emails are sent by an Approver, Requester, or Submitter in the From field. You can configure these settings from the Approval System Properties > Email Sender Display Name field. For more information, see Approval System Properties. If this setting is not configured, the name of the requester for agreements becomes the default, otherwise, it defaults to the name of the submitter.

ApproverThis value comes from the last person in the chain of approval requests to approve the request. For the initial approval request email - before anyone has actually approved it - the submitter is used.

This value comes from the Agreement record that is submitted for approval. For example: Requester is only valid for agreements and agreement term exceptions.

SubmitterThis value comes from the user who clicks Submit in the Approvals related list for the object record that is being approved.

Email Address

The email address used for sending the approval request email is as follows: 

  • When an email request is approved from the Salesforce UI, the first approver receives the approver email from the email address of the submitter. All subsequent email approval requests are sent using the email address of the previous approver. For example, the second approval request email is sent using the email address of the first approver, and the third approval request is sent using the email address of the second approver.

  • When the Approval Request is approved by email, all the subsequent approval request emails are sent using the email address of the context user.