By default, Conga Approvals supports Salesforce's multi-currency feature. This feature is off by default in Salesforce, and Conga's currency comparison feature defaults to following the Salesforce org's selection.

Multiple-currency conversion support in Conga Approvals is controlled by the APTS_DisableCorporateCurrencyConversionForCriteriaEvaluation setting, which is set to false by default. Setting this to true disables currency conversion comparison support.

If multi-currency is enabled in Salesforce, and if APTS_DisableCorporateCurrencyConversionForCriteriaEvaluation is false, currency conversion occurs per Salesforce's procedures. If APTS_DisableCorporateCurrencyConversionForCriteriaEvaluation is true, this conversion does not take place, and all entries are assumed to be in the default currency.