Final actions enable you to update record fields in the object according to whether the approval process was completed successfully or it was rejected.

As final actions can only be used to update fields, the order in which they are created is unimportant.


There is a single reject policy embedded in the system. If there is at least one rejection during the approval process, the entire process is rejected.

To create final actions

  1. Click Add New in either the Final Approval Actions or Final Rejection Actions section of the approval process. To use Auto Re-approvals, set the cart status to Ready for Finalization in the final submission actions rather than Finalized to ensure that a new cart is not created every time.
  2. Select the Field Name for the field in the object record you want to update.
  3. Enter a valid Field Value for the field and include a description. If the field is a pick list, the Specify New Field Value list is displayed, to select from.
  4. Click Save to add the action and return to the main approval process page. - or - Click Save & New to add the action and create another action of the same type.

The items are added to the appropriate final actions section. The actions will update those object record fields upon the last approval or rejection action for that approval process.