Conga Approvals enables you to trigger an approval request for any object and send an email notification to concerned stakeholders. Using Approvals, you can set an approval request on an object header, line item, or both. After an approval request is triggered, an approver can approve or reject a request via email.

Approvals for Conga Platform is a modular application on the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform that supports approval processes across several use cases. You can use Approvals to review, approve, reject, or reassign business objects from the Conga cloud user interface or from emailed notifications. You can use Approvals to support the revenue lifecycle management use case. Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is slated for introduction later in 2024.

Users access Conga Approvals from another product's flow. In early implementation, this means users from Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Platform product can access Approvals for such objects as carts, prices, price adjustments, and the like. When Conga CLM on Conga Cloud adds Approvals capability, objects will include such contract-lifecycle-based issues as contract ownership, effective dates, terms, conditions, etc. The Approvals interface accommodates these differing predicates without issue. 

Available user views are:

To set up Approvals, administrators can access: