Though Conga Approvals' primary function is to provide clear approval flows for initiated processes, users can also modify and shape the flow in advance by previewing the approval process before submitting the triggering request for approval. With Approvals, Conga Platform users can preview records to be approved and see who the record's specified approvers will be. With this understanding, they can adjust their record to submit it to desired approvers. For example, a salesperson might adjust a product's discount by reviewing the required approvers at a given discount level: if a 50% discount requires approval from the CFO, but a 49% discount rises only to the VP of Sales, the salesperson can adjust the sales discount to meet the review level most likely to succeed. From the institutional perspective, this ensures approval rules and flows can be both firm and transparent.

Because the Approvals tool is modularized for the Conga Platform, approvals can be previewed and submitted for several business use cases, among them sales, pricing, and contract lifecycle management. How you access this flow depends on the tool Approvals is integrated with. 

With Approvals, a user can:

  • Preview approvals before submitting the approval request. 
  • See how many approval requests will be created when submitting a record for approval. 
  • See each approval request's assignees, given current record values.  
  • Preview required approvals and edit the record to change the number of approval requests created.  
  • Add attachments to the record submitted for approval.  

Accessing the Preview and Submit Feature

When criteria are satisfied in a request under development, the user is prompted in the host application (Conga CPQ, for example) to preview the request before submitting it. The preview is tailored to the particulars of the request's approval criteria, set by the administrator. These criteria may include such parameters as discount, total value, quality of service, duration, or others. As configured by the administrator, these approvals can be satisfied by one or more approvers in one or more approval steps.

In the Preview screen, major approval flow steps are shown in the left column. For each step, the specifics of the customer and deal, as well as that step's required approval flow are presented. Approvers are presented as stacked tiles. 

Uploading Attachments

Clicking the Attachments tab opens an interface that enables you to upload attachments to the approvals flow. This optional step is useful for providing additional relevant information for approvers. You can

Submitting an Approval Request

  1. When the approval request is satisfactory, you can submit it to the approvers named in the previewed flow by clicking Submit.
  2. You are prompted to enter approval notes.
  3. You will receive a processing delay advisory. 
  4. Once the request is processed, it is sent to approvers as described in the preview.