Based on the Approval Process configuration, if an approval request is initiated and you are the assigned approver for the request, you receive an approval notification or an email. You can choose to approve the request using your Salesforce org credentials or from the mail itself. You can approve and reject multiple requests for complex processes.

Approving a request from Salesforce: Login to your Salesforce org and from the Approval Requests tab, you can choose to approve or reject an individual request. You can also choose to approve a single request at a time.

Approving a request from your email: If an Approval request is initiated, and you are the assignee for the process, you receive an email regarding the approvals assigned to you. You can Approve or Reject a request from the email itself by:

  • Use the Approve / Reject key words in the very first line of the body
  • Add comment in the immediate second line
  • End comments with a blank line.

Queue email address cannot be used for notifications. If Queue has Send Email to Members box un-checked - email of current user will be used for notifications (not queue email address). This is due to Salesforce limitations which we cannot bypass.