If an approval rule step lacks an assignee to send an approval to, the approval is routed to the backup approver by default. The APTS_EnableRuleCriteriaForStep admin property setting can override the default behavior, skipping the step instead of sending the approval to the backup approver.

If this property is set to True, when a rule has no assignees, the step is skipped. This has the same effect as a step filter that evaluates false.

To set the admin property setting

  1. Select the Admin tab, or select the green plus icon () and select Admin.
  2. Click Go to display the admin settings.
  3. If APTS_EnableRuleCriteriaForStep is listed, click Edit, enter True or False in the Value field, and click Save. If the setting is not displayed, click New Admin.
  4. Enter the name APTS_EnableRuleCriteriaForStep, enter True or False in the Value field, and click Save.

Subsequent approval processes routed to a step where an assignee cannot be found will be affected by this setting.