When a user in a queue reassigns an approval request, that user can by default see all users in the Salesforce org and all queues to reassign the approval request.  To constrain the user's choices to only the queue, activate the APTS_ReassignOnlyWithinQueue admin property. When this property is set to True, a user reassigning an approval request can only reassign it to another assignee within the queue and can only reassign to their own queue. When this property is set to False (or unset/default) the user can see and reassign to any available user or queue in the org.

To set the admin property setting

  1. Select the Admin tab or select the green plus icon () and select Admin.
  2. Click Go to display the admin settings.
  3. If APTS_ReassignOnlyWithinQueue is listed, click Edit, enter True or False in the Value field, and click Save. If the setting is not displayed, click New Admin.
  4. Enter the name APTS_ReassignOnlyWithinQueue, enter True or False in the Value field, and click Save.