By default, when searching for a step assignee type of Queue, Role, Rule, Subprocess or User, the results are displayed twenty per page.

The number can be changed; however, it is important to understand how changing the value can impact performance. If the number is too high, it can take additional time for the search page to load the results. When no value is designated, the default twenty is used.

To set the assignees search page

Build > Develop > Custom Settings
  1. Click Manage beside Approvals System Properties.
  2. Click Edit beside System Properties.
  3. In the UI Assignee Search Page Size field, enter the maximum number of rows to display on each search page.
  4. Click Save.

The next time someone is configuring an approval step and selects an Assignee Type of Queue, Role, Rule, Subprocess or User, the resulting search page will reflect this setting.