Initial actions update object record fields when the approval process begins for that record.

The only conditions considered before the initial actions occur is the entry criteria for the process definition, which starts the approval process. There is no additional logic involved. Therefore it is best to create initial submission actions for the fields that will always require updating when the approval process begins. This ensures that all fields are handled programmatically and do not require someone to manually change them.


As with all fields that can be updated as part of the approvals process, there is no validation that the values entered for the Field Value are correct while you are creating actions and approval steps. You must know what the field type is and should thoroughly test your process before using it in a live environment.

To create initial submission actions

There must be an approval process.

  1. Click Add New in the Initial Submissions Actions section.
  2. Select Field Update (Constant) from the Field Action Type list and select the field name. Enter the Field Value, ensuring it is an appropriate value type for the field. - or - Select Field Update (Value) and select the user lookup field for the object record you want to update with the Current User ID. The current user is the person who is logged into Salesforce and makes a change to the object record that initiates the approval process.
  3. Click Save to complete the task - or - Click Save & New to add another action.

The item is added to the Initial Submission Actions section.