Enabling auto-escalation in an approval process occurs at the approval step level. While the email templates apply to the entire approval process, you can have different auto-escalation settings for each approval step or you can use the global escalation options.

Once an approval process has started, you can choose to manually escalate an approval request from the Approval Request related list for the object record currently under approval.

To configure auto-escalation for an approval process

You must have completed the configuration tasks to enable auto-escalation functionality.

  1. Create a new approval process or edit an existing one.
  2. When you come to the Notification Templates page, you can leave the Escalation Email Template field empty and it will use the default template or you can override it with a custom template.

  3. Finish creating the approval process and then create or edit an approval step for it.
  4. When you come to the Select Escalation Actions page you must select Step Auto Escalate. Configure the settings as follows:

    Expected nn To CompleteThese values are used to trigger the auto-escalation. Once an approval request has been created, the system uses the value of expected time to complete to determine when the request should be auto-escalated.
    Assignee Type

    While you could include any assignee type, the following behavior should be noted. If you select Related User, the assignee name can only be a single word otherwise it cannot be reassigned correctly.

    Also be aware of the differences between selecting a single-step and multi-step assignee type.

    Assignee NameThis value is dependent on the assignee type.


    This page is displayed regardless of whether the auto-escalation feature is enabled.

  5. Save the approval process step to complete the procedure.

When approval requests for that specific approval step exceed the To Complete values, they will be auto-escalated per the escalation settings.

To manually escalate an approval request

The configuration tasks must have been completed.

  1. Go to an object record that you have submitted for approval. Only the user who initially submitted the approval, or system administrators, can manually escalate a request.
  2. From the Approvals related list, select Escalate.

The request is immediately escalated, according to the auto-escalation settings.