The backup admin user is responsible for handling routing issues that occur during the approval process. Admin profiles enable you to associate users with admin-level access by role. 

When an appropriate user cannot be found to handle an approval request, designating administrators ensures the approval process can still be completed. Because these users may be responsible for administrative tasks, make sure they have access to the objects in your Salesforce environment.

The backup admin user configured below is used globally. You can also designate a backup admin user for each approval process, which will be used instead of the global backup admin user.


The user you select as the backup admin user must be an active user. If you deactivate the backup admin user, select another active user to assume the backup admin user role.

To setup the Backup Admin user

Build > Develop > Custom Settings

  1. Next to Approvals System Properties, click Manage.
  2. Next to System Properties, click Edit.
  3. Enter the first and last name of the appropriate person in the Backup Admin User field and click Save. 


    Only one user can be designated as the backup admin.

The selected person is now the backup admin user, enabled to deal with any tasks the system cannot route as expected.