This section covers all required tasks for upgrading Approvals to the latest version from the previous two releases.

If you have not installed Approvals, contact Conga Support to request an installation link; then perform the standard installation described in Installing Conga Approvals.

Preparing for Upgrade


You don't have to back up your configurations. All configurations you performed since you installed your existing release will remain intact after the upgrade.

Upgrading to Approvals October '23

Salesforce has deprecated Workflow Rules in favor of Salesforce Flow. Conga has updated its products to accommodate this deprecation, but you must manually deactivate the following workflow rules before installing the October '23 Conga Approvals package:

  • Approval Request Comments Modified
  • Send Reassignment Notification

These workflow rules are replaced by Salesforce Flow rules of the same names. These flows are automatically installed on an installation or upgrade and default to active status. 


  1. Go to Setup > Installed Packages and check that the following packages are installed in your Salesforce org.

    OrderProductRequired for


    Conga Approvals


    Conga Grid

    Approval Center


    Conga Approvals Center

    Approval Center


    Conga CPQ Approvals 



    Conga Base Library

    Conga CLM


    Conga Contract Lifecycle Management

    CPQ Approvals


    Conga Quote Management 

    CPQ Approvals


    Conga Configuration & Pricing 

    CPQ Approvals


    Conga Quote Configuration Integration 

    CPQ and Proposal management


    Conga CLM Configuration Integration 



    Conga Quote Approvals

    Proposal Management


    Conga Custom Approvals Management

    Conga Objects or other Salesforce standard/custom objects

  2. For each of the above packages and dependencies, check the October '23 Release Notes for the minimum required package version to support the upgrade. Install the latest linked version of each package in order.
  3. Upgrade, using the installation procedure in Installing Conga Approvals
  4. Perform the post-upgrade tasks.

Post-Upgrade Tasks

Make sure that:

  • All custom settings are correct as described in Approval System Properties and Approvals Custom Config Settings.
  • All upgrade scenarios work as in the previous release.
    • Callbacks: Callback class has not changed.

    • Metadata changes: All picklist type fields are validated.

    • Layout changes: Layout changes are validated.

    • Remote API calls: All API calls are functional.

  • All approval process data works, including submit, approve, and reject flows.

The upgrade procedure above has been tested against a basic setup, not custom code or triggers.