Conga provides comprehensive Quote-to-Cash solutions built on the Salesforce platform, designed to increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Unlike other systems requiring extensive coding and integration, Conga Quote-to-Cash provides an integrated view of all customers, quotes, and contracts that you can use to drive revenue growth, reduce errors and delays, and improve customer loyalty.

This end-to-end solution covers your entire sales life cycle, from product and service configuration, pricing, quoting, negotiating, signing the contract, managing invoicing, billing, orders, and revenue recognition.

Conga Quote-to-Cash process makes closing deals a highly effective and integrated process that you can manage across geographies and on the cloud.

With applications in the Conga Quote-to-Cash suite, you can

  • Increase your revenue and margins
  • Reduce variations in your business process
  • Increase speed and agility of every transaction
  • Measure cycle time of a deal from opportunity through revenue recognition
  • Track your actual revenue against the targets you set
  • Identify and mitigate risky deals
  • Increase up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Define, configure, and execute product promotions, sales incentives, and customer rebates

You can seamlessly integrate Conga Billing with the following applications in the Conga Quote-to-Cash suite.

  • Conga CPQ: Quickly configure, price, and quote even the most complex products and services to increase deal size, shorten sales cycles, and ensure compliance with existing agreements and financial regulations. Asset Manager- a part of CPQ, manages your customer's purchased products by retaining them with renewals, incentives, promotions and rebates along with a variety of billing models to ensure efficient collections and accounting.
  • Conga Contract Management: Reduce revenue leakage, legal risks, and operating costs through comprehensive capabilities to easily request, negotiate, and finalize contracts.
  • Conga Order Management: Define your own workflow that determines when and how your customers’ orders are activated or fulfilled. Make in-flight changes to the quantity, order and delivery dates, and the product type of an order before it is paid for. Process upgrades, downgrades, returns, renewal of subscriptions, and cancellations for purchased products.
  • Conga Revenue Recognition: Optimize revenue by managing future deal structures, renewals, payment terms, finance structures, and contract compliance.

As you will see later in this book, Conga Billing works in conjunction with and uses values from several fields and objects in these applications.