You can associate one or more locations with each customer account. You can use different account locations as shipping address, billing address, and tax invoice address.

You can generate an invoice separately, for purchases made from each account location. Each Account Location may also have a separate tax policy or tax rate.

For example, you are an executive in the billing department of an online university. One of your customers want to add their new location in Miami to their account. With Conga Billing, you can add a new location to your customer's account, and generate a separate invoice for products and services that you bill to this new location.

To add a new location

  1. Click the Accounts tab.
  2. Select the account you want to add a new location for.
  3. Go the Account Locations related list and click New Account Location.
  4. Enter values for the fields described in the following table:


    Location NameEnter a name that is unique to this location so other users can distinguish it from other locations for the same account.
    TypeDescribe if the location is a billing address, shipping address, or both.
    Address (Street, City, State, Postal Code)Enter the detailed address with specific values for each field.
    Tax ExemptSelect Yes if the purchases made for this location are exempted from state and federal taxes.  
    Tax Exempt StatusSelect the Tax Exempt status- Processing, Approved or Rejected.
    Tax Certificate Select the Tax certificate that you want to apply to this account.
    Is DefaultSelect the check box if you want to make this address the default address for Billing.
    AccountSelect the Account (mandatory) for which you want to add this location.
    Payment TermSelect the Payment Term you want to apply to invoices you generate for this location.
    Billing PreferenceSelect the Billing Preference you want to apply for this location.
    Billing Day of MonthSelect the day of the month when you want to generate an invoice for this location of the account.
    Invoice Separately?Select Yes if you want to generate a separate invoice for purchases made for this location.
    Default Invoice TemplateSelect an Invoice template that you want to apply as default for invoices generated for this location. For more information on Invoice Templates, please refer Invoice Templates.
    Default Invoice Statement Template

    Enter the name of an Invoice Statement template that you want to apply when generating Invoice statement for this Account Location.

    An Invoice Statement incorporates amount owed from past invoices till the specified date.

    Invoice Email TemplateEnter the name of an Invoice Template which you want to send as an attachment when the invoice is automatically emailed via Invoice Runs.
    Dunning PolicySelect a Dunning Policy to override the default dunning policy with an account location specific dunning policy. For details, refer to Dunning Policy
    Exclude from DunningSelect this field to disable dunning for this account location.

     5. Click Save.

You can also define filters for an Invoice Run based on the Account or Account Location object and view the specific filter applied on the Invoice Run detail page.

After you have defined your customers' account and account location, you can define your customers' Billing Preference.