With this section, you can quickly find out how Conga Billing works and how you can manage your organization's and your customers' billing and invoicing requirements.

If you are a Billing Administrator, you will learn,

  • create templates for various invoices and invoice statements
  • create invoice and usage rating batch jobs for various projects
  • maintain logs for all transactions that occur in a day
  • to understand billing settings and preferences
  • to create various reports as needed

If you are a Billing Operations Manager, you will learn,

  • to oversee and streamline your billing and collections processes
  • to manage billing for a variety of different types of assets including one time, usage, or recurring
  • to automatically adjust billing after an asset based order
  • issue billing adjustments, track and approve invoices
  • to view and understand billing schedules, usage schedules, and billing preferences
  • to adjust and customize invoice presentation
  • to coordinate and resolve sales tax issues
  • to approve tax credit requests from customers
  • to create custom billing plans and milestone billing plans

The documentation is based on the Salesforce classic UI.

If you are new to Conga Billing, let's get started.