An invoice statement incorporates amounts owed from past invoices till the specified date. An Invoice Statement Template includes the current outstanding balance owed by your customer and that amount includes all of the A/R transactions related to that invoice. For instance, one of your customers requires an updated statement of all the purchases they have made with the amount paid to date, and the total remaining invoice balance. To fulfill this requirement, you can go to the last generated invoice for this customer account and generate an Invoice Statement.

You can generate an Invoice statement from the Invoice Detail page

Before generating an invoice statement, you will need a template to base the Invoice statement on. You will also have to create a new picklist of type Invoice Statement for the Type field of the Template object. You must then edit the Additional Information section of the customer Account or Account Location to include the Default Invoice Statement Template

To generate an Invoice Statement for a customer account

  1. Select the last invoice you generated for the specific customer account.


  2. Click Generate Invoice Statement.
  3. In the Notes and Attachments section, click the latest attachment.
  4. On the Attachment detail page, click View File.