What is Capture mode?

In Contracts for Salesforce, you can send a CPQ generated document for negotiation and use True-Up to add the data within the document that is redlined (lines in the document that were changed). The Capture feature adds your CPQ document updates to Salesforce.

Once a negotiation is complete and you are ready to True-Up Salesforce, the document contains Contracts metadata (bookends) so that Contracts for Salesforce can accurately save data to the correct Salesforce fields, clauses, or quote terms. The metadata injector compares the document that is being sent to the related Document Type and inserts metadata (bookends) into the document during the Send for Negotiation process. The captured sample document is saved to the Document Type record so that the Contracts application can access all Send for Negotiation events that specify that Document Type.

The Document Type object needs to be created by a user accessing Capture Mode to map all of the Salesforce data in a sample document. Document Type is a new object included in the Contracts for Salesforce managed package. Document Types are used to create templates for non-Composer generated documents that you want to negotiate using Contracts for Salesforce.

If you are using the True-Up mode, and the application does not show redlines (edits in the document) as a Salesforce field that needs to be updated, you can manually select text within the document and map it to a Salesforce field so that it can save data from the document to that field. You can capture dates in clauses and CPQ quote terms as well.

The Capture button is accessed from the Document Type page layout page. Capture mode is used to create document types which are data tags (bookends). Document types are tags for text that need to be added to the Document Type record in Salesforce. Capture features are required if you are using documents not generated with Conga Composer. For example, if you are using CPQ generated documents or contracts outside of Composer, you are required to use the Capture feature to add metadata to your document that can be added to Salesforce.

For instructions on how to use Document Types and Capture mode, see: Using Document Types with Non-Composer Generated Documents or Using Capture Mode

How do I Capture data?

You can upload a sample document, highlight text, and map the text to Salesforce. Contracts for Salesforce then save a metadata template to the Document Type record which the bookend injector uses when inserting data tags into non-Composer documents. Adding bookends in documents ensures that you can True-Up your document changes at the end of the negotiation process.

RECOMMENDED: Use the Capture feature for every Document Type for each document being sent for negotiation and any variation of a document.

If you are in True-Up mode, the One-off Capture feature is used. One-off Capture mode allows you to highlight text in the document, select the Salesforce field or clause that the text is mapped to and True-Up the data. This feature is useful when data tags (bookends) are compromised or missing from the document.