This article assumes that an admin has already configured Contracts for Salesforce (CFS) and a solution is now ready for end users. In addition, this walkthrough assumes CFS was configured with the Contract Agreement as the Master Object. If CFS was configured with a different master object, substitute that object for Contract Agreement in the steps below.

To complete the contract lifecycle using CFS:

  1. Create a Contract Agreement record
  2. If your Managed Clauses are added automatically, skip to step 5
  3. If your Managed Clauses are not added automatically, then click Select Clause Bundle on the created Contract Agreement to add Managed Clauses from the Clause Library
  4. (Optional) Set the Sort Order of Managed Clauses. This determines the order in which the Managed Clauses appear on your generated document. For more information, see Automatic Numbering of Clauses
  5. Generate the document using the Composer button created by your administrator. This is likely labeled “Generate Agreement” or something similar
  6. Click Send for Negotiation to prepare the generated document for negotiation
  7. Fill out the negotiation page with the required information:
    1. Add Recipient(s) 

      If testing, choose a recipient and/or email address that you can access

    2. Select Email Template
    3. Edit Subject 
  8. Click Send. The sender will be automatically copied on the email
  9. Negotiate the agreement using Microsoft Word 

    It is highly recommended to turn on Track Changes in the MS Word template. This allows both parties to easily see all changes that have been made while negotiating in Word, as well as use the Word accept/reject features. You may also view changes using the Conga View Redlines functionality, but this is a view-only interface and does not allow you to interact with the document in any way

  10. Ask recipients to reply to the same email thread in order to ensure the negotiated versions of the agreement are stored and tracked in Salesforce Note: If for some reason a recipient doesn’t reply to the same email thread, add their version manually by uploading a new version  to the Salesforce File on the Contract Agreement
  11. When negotiation is complete and the final document is saved as the latest version of the Salesforce File on the Contract Agreement, use True-up to reconcile the updated fields and clauses to Salesforce
  12.  On the Contract Agreement, click View Redlines, then True-Up. For each field and/or clause you want to sync to Salesforce, click Save and Continue. When all desired fields and clauses have been synced, click Save
  13. Send the final document for signature using the signature button created by your administrator