For Contracts for Salesforce Enterprise Edition, you have the option for your Managed Clauses to remain Standard when you use recursive merge by adding the Sync Merge Values button.

A Composer button with the following parameter

  • &RM=1 that saves the Contract document to the object. We recommend using the Contract Agreement object.

To enable this feature:

  1. Create a custom button called Recursive Merge on your object.
  2. Conga recommends creating a separate button specifically for this action where all other View Redline functions are disabled. To do this, use the following code: 
    {!URLFOR($Action.Contract.APXT_Redlining__View_Redlines, null, 
    [altId=APXT_Redlining__Contract_Agreement__c.Id, disableOpenInWord=true,
    disableNegotiate=true, disableTrueUp=true, disableSavePdf=true,
    enableRecursiveMergeSync=true], false)}

After you've created the new button:

  1. Put the button on your layout.
  2. Generate a Contract that contains a recursive merge field. After creation, this Contract appears in Files.
  3. Click the new Recursive Merge button on the record.
  4. Click the new Sync Merge Values option in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Click Continue to replace your merge tags within your Managed Clauses with the source data values. If successful, the following message displays: recursive merge sync is complete.

Your contract now displays your new data value instead of a merge tag and has a new revision, but remains flagged as Standard.

Known Limitations: Feature is not currently supported in Internet Explorer