The Save PDF feature in the View Redlines user interface allows users to save and download a PDF file that displays redlines (proposed changes) between two versions of a Contracts for Salesforce document. The generated PDF document with the visible redlines becomes accessible in Salesforce or locally on a user's machine.

Navigate to the View Redlines user interface in Salesforce and click the Save PDF button to save a PDF file with redlines to the object record related to Contracts for Salesforce File.

Click the dropdown next to Save PDF to access the Save and Download and Save features. The Save and Download feature simultaneously saves the Contracts for Salesforce document as a File on the master object record and downloads a PDF to the user's machine.

The Save feature is similar to the parent Save PDF feature and simply saves a new PDF file to the master object record.I f a user already created and saved a PDF file with Save PDF functionality and attempts to generate a PDF comparing the same two Contracts for Salesforce File versions with Save PDF functionality, the PDF file does not generate, and a pop-up message appears warning the user that the File already exists. This prevents users from saving duplicate Salesforce Files on the master object record.

The pop-up message only appears when users attempt to use the Save or Save PDF with the two File versions that already have a corresponding PDF generated with Save or Save PDF. The generated PDF's file name conveniently includes the specific version numbers of the Contract for Salesforce File that are being compared in addition to the File's original name. The new PDF file also includes a cover letter that displays the file name, version numbers that are being compared, the name of the user that generated the PDF file, and file generation date and time.