Set a Default Recipient

You can set a default recipient for your Send for a Negotiation email template which can be a record ID, formula field, or email address, and select additional email addresses to CC or BCC with the use of parameters in your Custom Send for Negotiation button. You can manually enter an email address, or select an ID field for these parameters to send to. We can set EmailTo, EmailCC, EmailBCC to a field that contains a comma-separated list of emails.
Note: It is only possible to reference a single Salesforce field for the value of emailTo, emailCC, and emailBCC. For example, the field could be:

  • a single text field where the user enters in comma separated email addresses (,
  • a single lookup field (ex lookup to a Contact/Lead/User record)
  • a single formula field (ex a field that concatenates multiple Contact/Lead/User Ids)
Parameter NameDescriptions
emailToSets the default recipient email address(es) of your Send for a Negotiation email template. Example: emailTo=''
emailCCSets the CC recipient email address(es) of your Send for a Negotiation email template. Example: emailCC=EmailField__c OR emailCC=Contract.ContactId__c
emailBCCSets the BCC recipient email address(es) of your Send for a Negotiation email template. Example: emailBCC=EmailField__c OR emailBCC=Contract.ContactId__c

To add these parameters:

  1. Create a Custom Send For Negotiation Button.
  2. Enter the following formula into the Formula Field: {!URLFOR($Action.Contract.APXT_Redlining__Send_for_Negotiation, null, [Id=Contract.Id, emailTo='’, emailCC=Contract.Composer_Email_RecipientId__c, emailBCC='’ ], false)}If you don't use one of the parameters, exclude it completely as shown in the example below:{!URLFOR($Action.Contract.APXT_Redlining__Send_for_Negotiation, null, [Id=Contract.Id, emailTo=', emailCC=Contract.Composer_Email_RecipientId__c ], false)}

In the examples above, you manually enter your email address(es) or select an ID field in your Org such as Lead, Contact, User, or a formula field where the text is bolded.

You can also use a formula field to send emails to multiple users when using emailTo, emailCC, or emailBCC. The following example sends messages using the Send for Negotiation emailTo field. The message is sent to the email addresses referenced in the custom field emailToFormula that is created on the Contract Agreement Object.

The EmailToFormula formula field concatenates the email address from:

  • 2 Contact emails, SFN Contact 1 and SFN Contact 2
  • a Lead email, SFN Lead 1
  • the owner’s email address

Custom Send for Negotiation Button URL

  • {!URLFOR($Action.Contract.APXT_Redlining__Send_for_Negotiation, null, [altId=APXT_Redlining__Contract_Agreement__c.Id, emailTo=APXT_Redlining__Contract_Agreement__c.EmailToFormula__c], false)}

EmailToFormula Formula Field

  • SFN_Contact_1__r.Id + "," + SFN_Contact_2__r.Id + "," + SFN_Lead_1__r.Id + "," + Owner:User.Id