This automation provides a request NDA button on the Account record. The package includes a sample NDA template so you can see how to design templates that are rarely redlined.


You must install Conga Composer before installing and configuring this process. 

To install the NDA Quickstart

  1. Navigate to Conga CLM Setup in Salesforce
  2. Click on Quickstarts > General in the menu on the left
  3. Click View under NDA Quickstart
  4. If Conga Composer is installed, you will see green Composer Installed verification text and can proceed by clicking NDA Package Install Link

    You must install this package before proceeding to the configuration link. 

  5. Click Agree and Install Package to proceed with the installation after reading the disclaimer or click Close if you do not want to proceed. 
  6. On the Salesforce package installation page, select a user installation and access option. We recommend selecting Install for All users. 
  7. Click Install
  8. Click Done
  9. You are redirected to the Salesforce Installed Package page where you can view the package you just installed. You don't have to take any further actions now, but you are able to configure and modify these packages at any time. 

To configure the NDA Quickstart

  1. Navigate to Conga CLM Setup in Salesforce
  2. Click on Quickstarts > General in the menu on the left
  3. Click View under NDA Business Process
  4. Click the NDA Quickstart Configuration link
  5. If successfully installed, a green banner displays with the following message: Business Process Data Successfully Created
  6. From the Quick Find menu, enter "Conga Solutions".
  7. Click on Conga Contracts for Salesforce_NDA_Solution to view the Conga Composer solution you created through the above steps. This is where you can view the button URL, queries, and parameters. You are able to edit or make additions to this solution. 
    • To edit the Word template, Click on Conga_Contracts_for_Salesforce_NDA Salesforce Record for the File Template
    • Under the Related tab, click on NDA_Template to view the Word template and merge fields. You can edit this template and click Upload Files to upload your own version. The solution will use the latest uploaded file. For more information see Composer Template Basics
    • For more information on adding queries and parameters, see Building Composer Solutions
  8. Click Create Button
  9. Navigate to Object Manager > Account > Page Layouts and under Mobile and Lightning Actions add the NDA Contract Request action to your layout and click Save. For more information on adding buttons to a page layout, see Customize Standard and Custom Buttons on Page Layouts
  10. Select Contract Agreement NDA Layout from the Page Layout to Use: dropdown menu.
  11. Click Save
  12. Click on the Agreement NDA Layout link to configure the Page Layout for its assigned user profile.
  13. Add the Conga Contracts for SalesforceNDASolution button to the layout and click Save.

Users can now Create a NDA Contract Request.