There are two types of user licenses for Conga Contracts for Salesforce:

  • Full User (Default) : A Full User is granted permissions within Conga Contracts for Salesforce that allows them to access full functionality of the product.
  • Request/View Only User : A Request/View Only user is granted limited permissions. These users don't require full functionality but want to quickly access what they need, avoid manual processes, and accelerate their contracts.


For additional information, see the following resources:

  • Conga Contracts for Salesforce Editions: Compare the differences between the editions available for Conga Contracts for Salesforce to help you determine what licenses are best for your organization.

Permissions by Feature

The table below summarizes the permissions available for each license:

Feature TypeFull UserRequest /View Only
Request/Create/View/Edit Contract AgreementYesYes
Upload/View/Download DocumentsYesYes
View Request StatusYesYes
Send for NegotiationYesYes
Access CfS Objects*YesYes
Conga Grid ViewsYesNo, requires Conga Grid
Send for SignatureYesNo, requires Conga Sign
Generate a ContractYesNo, requires Conga Composer
Administration of Clause LibraryYesNo
View/Manage ClausesYesYes
Access View RedlinesYesNo
Access True-UpYesNo
Access NegotiateYesNo
Self-Service RequestYesNo, requires Conga Composer

Contracts for Salesforce Objects currently include the following: Contract Agreement, Legal Entity, Contract Collaborators, Contract Agreement Family Viewer, and Managed Clauses.