This allows preview and generate agreement actions to read the document password from the Admin object without allowing them to view it. You can set the permissions and page layouts for the selected profile. The permissions defined here control access at the object level. Set access levels based on the functional requirements for the profile. For example, create different groups of permissions for individual contributors, managers, and administrators.

To allow documents to be protected correctly when the Preview Agreement or Generate Agreement actions are taken, the field level security needs to be setup so the Value field is Read Only for any profile you want to create protected documents for. You must follow the below process for each profile you want to hide the document protection password from.

To provide users unviewable read access

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles, and select the Requester or other appropriate profile.
  2. Click Edit next to the left of the profile you want to edit. Scroll down to the Custom Object Permissions related list, and for Admin custom object, select Read.

  3. Click Save and then click on the Requestor profile link. Scroll down to the Field-Level Security Settings and find the Admin object in the Custom Field-Level Security area.
  4. Click View. Ensure that all the fields are visible and the read-only attributes for the Value field are set to the following fields:
    • Created By
    • Last Modified By
    • Value
  5. Go to Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings.
  6. Click Edit and locate the Admin entry to Public Read-Only for all the users in the organization.
    • This ensures the Contract Wizard can read the password from Salesforce and protect generated documents with it.
    • Other users can read the Admin password values but cannot set or see them when the Admin tab is hidden for that profile. Furthermore, layouts can be modified to hide the Value field, if required.
  7. To hide the Admin tab from all users except for Administrators, click the Requester profile and find the Tab Settings.
  8. From the Admin drop down list, select the Tab Hidden option.