You can enter one or more of the following property details.

Classic Navigation: Setup > Build > Develop > Custom Settings > Comply System Properties > Manage > Edit.

Lightning Navigation: Setup > Custom Code > Custom Settings > Comply System Properties > Manage > Edit.

Admin UserThe admin user is the default owner of activities created by a user who is not allowed to be the owner (for example, customer portal user).
Auto Enable PDF For Final DocsSelect this and the Create PDF Attachment checkbox is always selected when you choose to save as Final - to be signed from the check-in dialog. You may use this field when you want to finalize an agreement document.
Auto Enable ReconciliationSelect this and the Reconcile Document option is always selected when you go to check-in an agreement document.
Agreement Number Field For Imported DocsIn this field, specify the API name of the field you want to use. For example, use Apttus__Agreement_Number__c. When a new document is imported into the system, it will include the agreement number in the top right corner of the header on each page, using the field selected above. For more information about when to use this field, refer to Agreement Number/Header Configuration.
Allow PDF Select OverrideThis is only applicable when Auto Enable PDF For Final Docs is selected.
Allow Reconcile Selection Override

This is only applicable when Auto Enable Reconciliation is selected.

  • If Auto Enable Reconciliation is True and Allow Reconciliation Selection Override is True, the Reconcile checkbox is by default selected on check-in. The user can also deselect (override) the Reconcile button.
  • If Auto Enable Reconciliation is True and Allow Reconciliation Selection Override is False, the Reconcile checkbox is by default selected on check-in. The user cannot deselect (override) the Reconcile button.
  • If Auto Enable Reconciliation is False, the user can select or deselect the Reconcile checkbox on check-in. However, the Reconcile checkbox is disabled if there is no smart field in the agreement document.
Allow Regenerate From XACSelect this checkbox to display the Regenerate button on the X-Author toolbar.
Ancestor selection for Import OfflineSelect this checkbox to allow users to link an offline document to an existing version of a document.
Auto Enable Private IndicatorSelect this checkbox if you want to auto-enable private indicator for documents. If you select this checkbox, the "Make this document private" checkbox for any agreement document is auto-selected.
Auto Insert Header Footer Data

Select this field to automatically insert the Agreement Number Field For Imported Docs field value to the header and the latest timestamp to the footer of an agreement document. This field is available for Generate, Import and Offline actions. For more information about when to use this field, refer to Agreement Number/Header Configuration.

The value of the latest timestamp for the footer is taken from the User Account Timezone field on Salesforce.

Allow Private Selection OverrideSelect this checkbox if you want to allow the user to override the private document selection. This setting is applicable only when the Auto Enable Private Indicator is selected for documents.
Asynchronous Checkin Recipient

Enter a recipient role (Contract Owner, Logged in XAC user or Both) to receive Asynchronous Check-in email notification.

Supported Values: Contract Owner, Logged in XAC user, or Both

Default Value: Both

Auto Enable Asynchronous Checkin

Select the checkbox to auto-select the Asynchronous Check-in checkbox available on the X-Author Contracts Check-in pop-up window.

Ancestor Selection For Import Offline

Select the checkbox to allow a user to link an offline document to an existing major version of a document.

Auto Sync With OpportunityIndicates whether the agreement will be automatically synchronized with the opportunity when the agreement is accepted.
Document Versioning Naming ConventionDeprecated
Excluded NamespacesAllows you to add a comma-separated list of namespaces to exclude objects from the wizard dropdown
Bypass SharingIndicates whether apex code can bypass record sharing during selective operations such as clone and deleting draft attachments.
CLM Lite License Profile(s)

Allows you to add a semicolon-separated list of user profiles that will use the Contract Management lite license.

Default value: Apttus_Lite

CLM Lite License Admin Email

Allows you to add a list of semicolon-separated email addresses that need to receive the Contract Management Lite License usage report.

Sample value:;;

Email Lite Monitoring Report to Apttus?Select the checkbox to send the Contract Management Lite License usage report to Apttus Administrator.
Enable document permissions for reviewAllows users to view the Set field and clause permission toggle in the second step of the parallel review and set the field or clause level permissions for each reviewer in the third step of the parallel review. 
Inactivate Non-Compliant Lite UserSelect the checkbox to deactivate the Lite user after 30 logins.
Intelligent Import for Signed DocumentSelect the checkbox to view the intelligent import option when you click the Upload Signed documents button and intelligently import signed documents.
Contract Summary TemplateThis field contains the name of the contract summary template. You may have to define a separate template to contain the contract summary details and mention the name of the template here.
Default Opportunity Agreement OwnerThe default owner for the agreement created from an opportunity. The valid values for this field are Opportunity Owner and Current User. If not set, the Opportunity Owner will become the owner of the new agreement. If you want to make the current logged in user as the Agreement Owner, type Current User in this field.
Default Document TagsEnter a comma-separated list of tags to make available for any agreement document as it is checked in from X-Author Contracts. Use of these tags requires Contract Document Versioning to be enabled. The Document Finder feature must also be configured in your org. For more information, refer to Configuring Document Finder.
Document Naming Convention

Specify a value to apply a custom naming convention for all agreement documents at generation, check-in and signature events.

The following attributes permitted when formulating a document naming convention are:

  • %checkintype%
  • %action%
  • %templatename%
  • %user%
  • %timestamp%
  • %version%

Agreement attributes such as %:Name%. Note: any variable prefixed by ':' represents a field on the Agreement object.
If the property contains a null value (i.e., if left blank), the current default naming convention will be used: %:Name%_%action%_%templatename%_%timestamp%

Example agreement document name using the default naming convention: SOW_Regenerated_SOW ABC_2015-08-07

For more information on using document version in document naming convention, refer to Enabling Contract Document Versioning.

Document Structure FX2 For Imported Docs

Check this box to make document structure FX2 format for all Offline documents (created or imported). If not checked, all offline documents are created in the "pre-existing" format. 


This property only applies to Offline agreements created from the Agreement or user Home page links in Salesforce. The format of Offline agreements created using X-Author for Contracts will still depend on user-input from X-Author.

You can import documents in X-Author for Contracts and Online Contract Collaboration when this property is enabled.

Email Template For Checkin NotificationThe email template for sending check-in notifications.
Enable Clause ApprovalsThis checkbox allows you to set up approval processes on clauses used in your document.

Enable Document Versioning

Check this box to enable Document Versioning. All new agreement records created in your org will use Document Versioning after this setting is enabled. Enable Version Control must be enabled for Document Versioning to work properly.

Enabling Document Versioning changes the value of the Version Aware Agreement field to TRUE for all new agreements after the property is activated. The Version Aware field is a flag that tells Conga CLM to use Document Versioning for a specific record.

Important Note: It is recommended that once a record is flagged as Version Aware, you do not disable this field, as versioning will become undefined for the agreement record in question. Instead, ensure that records which should not use Document Versioning do not have the field enabled when they are created.

For more information on how you can configure Document Versioning for your org, refer to Enabling Contract Document Versioning.

Enable File

Select Enable File checkbox to enable File Type to be visible in the Notes & Attachment section of an agreement.


When the Enable Files property is enabled, “Salesforce CRM Content User” should be enabled for a user to check in a document from X-Author Contracts.

Enable Merge Call DebugEnable Merge Service debugging.
Enable Multiple CheckoutThis feature will be functional in later releases. Indicates whether multiple checkouts are allowed. Only applicable when version control is in effect.
Enable PDF SecurityEnabling PDF security lets users apply security settings to PDF documents and protect them with a password. See Enabling PDF Security for Agreement Documents for more information.
Enable Submit Merge CallEnable to submit merge calls for processing. When enabled, the "Submit" button is displayed as a document generation option.
Enable Template Versioning

Check this box to enable Template Versioning. All new Templates created in your org will use Template Versioning after this setting is enabled.

For more information, refer to Template Versioning.

Enable Version ControlCheck this box to enforce a check-in/check-out policy for agreement documents. This setting must be enabled when "Enable Document Versioning" is checked. Note: This property existed in Contract Management versions prior to 8, so this property may already be enabled.
Filter By The Primary Agreement Status

This property only applies when you send documents for review using the new UI.

Allows filtering of agreements (Related/Sibling/Parent/Child/Amended/Renewed) by primary agreement Status Category or Status. When this property is enabled, users sending a document for review can only see the agreement documents (Related/Sibling/Parent/Child/Amended/Renewed) that have the same Status or Status Category as the primary agreement. When this property is disabled, users sending a document for review can see all the agreement documents (Related/Sibling/Parent/Child/Amended/Renewed) irrespective of the primary agreement status category or status.

Footer Datetime Format For Imported Docs

Specify the format in which the date and time will be shown in the generated agreement. When a new document is imported into the system, it will include the Date in the bottom left corner of the footer on each page, in the format selected above. For a list of supported date and time formats, refer to the Setting date and time format for the footer.

The value of the latest timestamp for the footer is taken from the User Account Timezone field on Salesforce.

Hide Content Control BorderCheck this box to hide smart boundaries (for smart fields and clauses) in generated documents. Refer to the X-Author Contracts User Guide for more information on showing/hiding boundaries as an admin user in the add-in.
Instance URLThe Salesforce instance URL for redirecting to custom pages.
Large Doc Process Batch Size

You can add the number of rows of the large objects (agreement or quote line items and objects defined using the APTS_LargeDocSObjects property) to retrieve in each batch iteration to build the data source for the template.

The default value of the Large Doc Process Batch Size is 1000 and a maximum of 2000. You can define a value lower than 2000, based on template complexity.

Sample value: 500

Large Doc Threshold

Enter a number of the agreement line items in the contract when exceeded indicates that the contract is a large document. This property is applicable only for generating documents but not for regenerating or generating supporting documents.

The default and the maximum value of the Large Doc Threshold is 10000. You can define a value lower than 10000. Setting a value of -1 for the Large Doc Threshold invalidates the setting.

Sample value: 1000

Max Child LevelThe maximum level of lookups and child objects available from the parent object to generate the merge data. The value can be 1 or 2. For example, Agreement is the parent object, Agreement Fee is the child object of Agreement and Agreement Fee Adjustment is the child of Agreement Fee and grandchild of Agreement. 
Merge Call Timeout MillisThe timeout in milliseconds for the merge request. Default value = 120000 milliseconds.
Merge Webservice EndpointType the merge web service endpoint. For example
Enable Online Contract CollaborationDeprecated
Organization-Wide Email Address DisplayEnter the display name that you have entered while configuring organization-wide email addresses. Ensure that you have selected the Use Organization-Wide Email Address checkbox. For more information about configuring organization-wide email addresses, see Setting Up Organization-Wide Email Address.
Override Playbook default filter

Allows you to specify the Playbook filter names separated by commas that should inherit filter value from template attributes on clicking the Playbook tab in X-Author. 

Sample value: Category, Subcategory

Parallel ReviewSelect the checkbox to allow multiple users to review the document in collaboration. The property is disabled by default.
Parallel Review for related agreements

Allows you to enable parallel review for related agreements when you send a related agreements document in DOCX with the type as Agreement Document. If the checkbox is selected and a user sends a related agreement for review, a review cycle is created for related agreements. If the checkbox is left unselected and a user sends a related agreement for review, a review cycle is not created and the related agreement documents are considered as supporting documents.

Ensure that the Parallel Review property is enabled.

PDF Owner Password

The password required to change the permissions of the PDF document like printing or editing.


Note: If this password is not specified, the password configured for the Admin object "APTS_Password" is used instead. See Admin Objects.

Publish Author EventsIndicates whether merge events that occur in X-Author, such as check-in or check-out, should be published. If enabled, a record is inserted in the Merge Event table on the Agreement record.
Publish Merge EventsIndicates whether merge events, such as generating an agreement document or creating offline document should be published. If enabled, a record is inserted in the Merge Event table on the Agreement record. For more information about when to use this field, refer To get a template ID for generating an agreement document as an example.
Restrict Checkin of Documents

List of comma-separated Status category and Statuses for which Check-in and Check-out actions will be restricted in X-Author for Contracts.

Sample value: In Authoring, Other Party Signatures, Submitted Request

Temp Email Template Inactive Hours

Use this property to set the orphan period of temporary email templates to use in conjunction with the CleanupJobScheduler APEX class. The default value of this property is set to 4 hours. 

For more information, refer to Temporary Email Template Cleanup.

Unlock Smart ElementsIf this checkbox is selected, the user can delete smart elements from the generated document. If this checkbox is deselected, the user cannot delete smart elements from the generated document.
Use Agreement Locks for Versioning

Check this box to use Agreement locks for versioning instead of document-level locking:

  • If enabled, all agreement documents are locked (by the user checking out) when any one of them is checked out. 
  • If disabled, only checked out documents are locked (by the user checking out)–any other agreement documents which have not yet been checked out can be checked out for editing.
Use text areas for wizardsAllows you to have more characters available for questions and answers in your wizards
Use Organization-Wide Email Address

Select the checkbox to use a common email address for email communication. You must configure the Organization-Wide Email Address Display comply system property to use an organization-wide email address.

XAJS End Point

Allows you to provide X-Author for Contracts 2.0 (XAJS) URL to route the documents to intelligent data extraction software via XAJS.

You need to configure the remote site setting of the org before you configure XAJS End Point